2017-08-10 / Letters

When it comes to housing, let free market reign

Are you kidding? Redirect public tax dollars away from parks to subsidize a few tracts of affordable housing (Editorial, Aug. 3)?

If that’s what you—the editors at the Acorn—want, I’ve got a suggestion: Move to Nickerson Gardens, a City of Los Angeles subsidized housing project. You’ll like it.

It has all the congestion you’re in favor of having here in Conejo Valley. L.A. does a great job of wasting tax dollars also—all the more reason you’ll enjoy living there.

The free market has dictated that California, and the Conejo Valley in particular, has become an expensive place to live. That’s what a free market sometimes does.

The nanny state Legislature has done its best to manipulate that reality by force-feeding “granny flats” upon all cities in the state. The Thousand Oaks City Council has joined this farce by approving mixed use on T.O. Boulevard.

Both of these actions were partially under the auspices of “affordable housing.”

I say enough is enough. I moved here—and paid more than I could have had I bought in an “affordable” area—to get away from crowds and traffic.

Those who would define me and those who think like me as NIMBY, so be it. But as you look down your self-righteous noses at me, you need to ponder your quality of life here if you had government housing built in your backyard.

Thousand Oaks has a buildout provision that stops construction at a certain amount. Would those same affordable-housing zealots also propose repealing that ordinance?

Would they be in favor of bulldozing the hillsides that surround us to build (subsidized) houses and apartments?

Question: If that were done, and subsequently those housing units got filled up and became unaffordable, then what do we do?

Daniel G. Mattera
Thousand Oaks

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