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Gas station sweep reveals no skimmers

An Aug. 1 sweep of 29 gas stations in Thousand Oaks revealed no skimming devices, police said.

The devices, which allow criminals to steal information from customers who use a credit card to pay at the pump, are typically surreptitiously placed on fuel pumps.

In all, detectives assigned to the Ventura County Sheriff’s financial crimes unit checked 272 pumps, part of an effort to crack down on credit-card skimming citywide.

The goal of the random inspections, police said, is not only to locate skimmers but also to educate gas station employees on what devices are being used and how to best protect their customers.

Credit card compromises are responsible for losses in the billions of dollars annually, and skimming devices are responsible for a majority of those losses, police said.

Generally, skimmers work in conjunction with a miniature camera which records a person typing in a personal identification number. Some skimmers may also use a secondary keypad over top of the actual keypad. The secondary keypad captures the PIN and records it.

For more information on skimmers or to see what some skimmers look like, check out http://krebsonsecurity.com/allaboutskimmers.

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