2017-06-15 / Letters

More T.O. landlords should be pet-friendly

As I’m trying to relocate from Taos, N.M., to the Thousand Oaks area, I’ve been on the hunt for a home with a backyard for my two very well-behaved dogs.

It is astonishing to see that almost every listing says “no pets.”

Having been a renter, a homeowner and a landlord, I certainly understand being careful to whom you rent your property, but this amounts to pet discrimination.

I’d like to remind people who are renting their homes that most people have animals that are a part of their family. Some are their only family.

Anyone who can afford the prices being charged in Thousand Oaks would not strike me as the kind of tenant who would allow their pet or pets to be destructive.

I implore those who say “no pets” to reconsider and perhaps have a document stating if there is damage by an animal, the tenant will pay for it and perhaps charge a small fee upfront.

Surely there are people who understand that with a family usually comes a pet. Would they want to choose between a pet and a home?

Seems a bit heartless to me when it is so easily correctable.

Francesca Grano
Taos, N.M.

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