2017-06-15 / Letters

In politically correct world, criminal is victim

The timing of the Acorn’s article on “deportation fears” caused some concern as the article started out with the deportation of an illegal 10 months ago. I didn’t realize Trump was president at that time.

The article implied that an illegal went to work one day and never returned. Arrested by ICE under the Obama administration for no reason other than being illegal. Then the article proceeded to tell about Maria, a 17-year-old student, who is a U.S. citizen by birth, whose father was deported for a DUI.

My only surprise was the Acorn didn’t mention Trump’s first deportation order after taking office. He exercised a deportation order issued for a woman under the Obama administration in 2013. Paper showed pictures of nephews and nieces crying as she was deported. What was her crime? Identity theft.

Nothing about the victims. Were they seniors who lost part of their retirement, lost their home, destroyed their credit? What about the victims? No, in our politically correct world, the criminal becomes the victim.

As a citizen and family man, I cannot fathom anything more horrendous than being separated from a family member—so I have a great deal of empathy for those families, but I also realize I didn’t create their problem.

Allan Holmes
Newbury Park

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